Adding a microphone and vibration alarm to the Palm Tungsten T5

The Palm Tungsten T5 has many features, but one thing I missed from the first day on I used it was the vibration alarm. A few weeks ago I found on a mod for the Palm Tungsten TX to add vibration support. Dmitry Grinberg develped a driver to integrate the vibration alarm into the PalmOS system. Since the TX and the T5 are quite similar, I wondered if the mod would also work with the T5. So I wrote an eMail to Dmitry and he pointed me to the solution. The driver uses the mostly unused serial interface of the Tungsten device, which is also connected to the main connector. I installed Dmitry's driver and tested with small LED if his driver works with the T5. The connector is described here.

The TX of the serial interface uses pin8 and a grond is available at pin10. And what should I say? It worked!

Now I opened the Palm as described here. This is the T5 before the mod was performed.

Now I took an old mobile phone and unsoldered the microphone and the vibration motor. They were small enough to fit into the T5's case.

Soldering the wires to the connectors is not that easy. Everything is very small and you have to take care that you don't solder too hot and that you do not use too much solder. One wire has to be soldered to the pin8 and one the VCC (the red wire from the battery). I placed the vibration motor on the back of the T5's board, in the lower left corner of the board, since there are no SMD parts and the motor has the right hight to be fixed between the backplane and the board. That's why I did not fix it further.

Finally I did it and I'm quite satisfied with my solution. To avoid short circuits i used isolation tape to saperate the vibration motor from the board.

As you can see I also performed the microphone mod inside. The microphone uses the pin1 and pin2. I want to to emphasise that there is no need to mod the case for a better sound. These small microphones are highly senitive and the sound is very clear, even with no hole in the case.

Last but not least I want to thank Dmitry Grinberg for his help and for developing the driver. I hope this description helps other T5 owners to enhance their devices.

Christopher Köhnen